Video Defender

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Video Defender - deter crime before it happens

ACI Protection's Video Defender provides live interactive video crime prevention. This unique and superior security service monitors your video surveillance system to deter crime BEFORE it happens.

Video Defender creates perimeter protection to identify threats before they enter your home or business. The automatic alert feature provides audio alerts to all visitors notifying them that they are being recorded and watched by ACI Protection, thus discouraging anyone with criminal intent. Within seconds of any event, we are viewing your video camera recording of the incident and live camera images in progress. Our expertly trained operators can then warn intruders via speakers or two-way communications to depart the restricted area, immediately dispatch the appropriate authorities or identify the event as a false alarm caused by an animal, wind, etc. While this is happening, our operators are viewing all of the cameras on your premises, documenting and recording all details to provide a thorough incident report to you and the authorities so that any intruders can be apprehended and prosecuted.

Video Defender is a highly cost effective solution that can easily integrate with any existing or new video surveillance network. ACI Protection can provide a complete video monitoring solution or make your existing system/investment truly effective.

The advantages of Video Defender live interactive video crime prevention include:

  • Real time live interactive monitoring - any time of day or night.
  • Perimeter protection: identifies threats before they enter your home or business.
  • Immediate warning to intruders via speakers and/or two-way communication to deter crime.
  • Saves money over security guards, covers more area and never calls in sick.
  • Avoids false alarm penalties and charges because cameras verify the need to dispatch authorities.
  • View live cameras or previous events via the internet/mobile device.
  • Video guard tour/virtual supervisor to augment or eliminate security guard and supervising costs for specific site inspections and reporting.

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How much is peace of mind worth?

Our central station is approved by the Department of Homeland Security (UL 2050 approved). Less than 0.5% of companies have this rating. This is the same rating given to NASA.